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Getting Groceries Under Control

January 26th, 2014 at 08:53 am

I feed a family of four. Two adults and two teens. My grocery budget has been out of control. I have been getting a lot of advice and I have tried to take advantage of it all and see what works for me. I went grocery snooping yesterday and spent $90. I know that seems like a lot but it is a savings for me and I will get better. I am just so excited it is under $100. Next month I am budgeting $100 a week on groceries. This is a good start and a practice run for me. For example pork chops were on sale and I got a family pack for a little under $5. It had 8 pork chops in it. I broke that pack up and froze it so it would be a meal for this week and one for next week. My thought process is that if I can stay with my budget and maybe by an extra meal each week that maybe the last week in February I can purchase very little and pay it on debt. I have been reading a lot about stockpiling. Do any of you do this?